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Afro-American, Christian, & Clinical Counselors in Silver Springs, Maryland

Afro-American Counseling in Silver Spring, Maryland, is a division of PSBC, Inc. that has been successfully helping the African-American community for 30 years with clinical, Christian-based counselors. We understand your counseling and therapy needs, wants, and issues. That is why we offer the type of solutions sought for treating African Americans.

Let Us Help You
Our therapists are able to meet you and facilitate your emotional growth and development. Browse our website to find out how you can get the most competent, warm, empathic, confidential, dynamic, professional, comprehensive, and therapeutic clinical counseling available.

Our Philosophy and History
Our corporate history of Christian-centered counseling and psychotherapy extends back to 1970 (when we founded the journal of African American issues at Ohio State University) . Today, our geographical scope expands to urban and rural areas of the United States. The philosophy of our treatment is a synthesis of multi-cultural, Christian/African-Centric(the unique moral belief and thinking patterns of Africans Diaspora), and solution-focused principles.

You will experience a relationship that is characterized by the following core conditions that permeates the healing process:

• Empathy
• Unconditional Positive Regards
• Warmth
• Genuineness
• Agape or Unconditional Love
• Respect & Trust

Delivering Help
The philosophy engendered in the overall approach is based on the delivery of help. This is characterized by a private, professional, and caring social reality that is rooted in positive forces of African-American culture and ethos. This approach provides proven alternatives to what the present day status quo will incorrectly deliver to our children.

Our counseling service accentuates and emphasizes your inherent strengths, not the mystical deficits which are labeled onto us. Our philosophy rejects the deficit position and rebukes the notion of blaming the victims.

The Christian counseling and psychotherapy of our service is a product of the African-American culture. We will empower you by providing a uniquely corrective experience that is liberating, relevant, and solution-oriented. If you choose us, you or your loved ones will evolve, even after 1 session, with the resources needed to deal with troubling issues.

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